FIA see manufactured evidence, deny Red Bull’s request to review Hamilton’s Silverstone penalty

Mercedes issued a statement following the decision accusing Red Bull of attempting to “tarnish the good name and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton”

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Championship contenders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided in the British GP’s first lap (Photo: F1/Twitter)

It’s time for Red Bull to finally move on.

The FIA has dismissed Red Bull’s Tuesday request to review Lewis Hamilton’s 10-second penalty for the accident with Max Verstappen in the opening lap of the British Grand Prix.

Verstappen suffered a 51G crash following an encounter with his championship rival and had to go to a local hospital for further checks. Hamilton went on to win the race after coming back in fifth place when he served the penalty – trimming the Dutchman’s championship lead to only eight points.

“That which was presented to the stewards was not ‘an important and relevant new element which has come to light and which was not available to the parties requesting review at the time of the decision in question,” said the stewards in a statement.

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Red Bull submitted four new pieces of evidence in an attempt to get the stewards to extend Hamilton’s penalty to no avail. Those included GPS data from the crash, comparisons to the Briton’s overtake on Charles Leclerc for the lead with two laps to go, that happened in the same Copse corner, and a re-enactment of the accident.

The stewards found those to be manufactured evidence.

“The slides in Annex 2 to the competitor’s letter, which have been relied upon as new evidence, were not discovered, but were made for the purpose of submitting documents in support of the request for review,” read the statement. “And they were made on the basis of evidence available to competitors at the time of the decision (GPS data). This clearly does not meet the requirements of Article 14.”

Red Bull evoked article 14 of the racing International Sporting Code, which says a steward decision can be reassessed if “a significant and relevant new element is discovered which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision.”

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The accident also triggered plenty of off-track repercussions that ranged from Red Bull’s not holding back in post-race comments to criminal racist abuse targeting the seven-time world champion.

And that, one day away from the next race weekend, still hasn’t stopped.

Mercedes said in a statement following the decision that Red Bull is trying to tarnish Hamilton’s “good name and sporting integrity.”

“In addition to bringing this incident to a close, we hope that this decision will mark the end of a concerted attempt by the senior management of Red Bull Racing to tarnish the good name and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton, including the documents submitted for their unsuccessful right of review,” said Mercedes in a statement.

“We now look forward to going racing this weekend and to continuing our hard-fought competition for the 2021 Formula One World Championship.”

Verstappen, on the other hand, remains unhappy with the 10-second penalty given to Hamilton and his celebrations after claiming a record eight-home-win at Silverstone in front of 90 thousand British fans.

“I don’t think the penalty was correct, because basically you take out your main rival, and especially with the speed we have in our cars, we’re miles ahead of, let’s say, the third-best team,” said Verstappen in a press conference ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. “We are easily 40-50 seconds ahead in normal conditions, so a 10-second penalty doesn’t do anything. So definitely that penalty should have been more severe.”

“When one guy’s in the hospital and the other one is waving the flag around like nothing has happened, well, you’ve pushed the guy into the wall with 51G. And not only that but just the whole reaction of the [Mercedes] team, besides that. That’s not how you celebrate a win, especially a win how they got it,” he added.

“That’s what I found really disrespectful, and in a way it shows how they really are. It comes out after a pressured situation. But I wouldn’t want to be seen like that. But I would also be upset at myself with a move like that, if it was the other way around. And I would definitely not be celebrating like that.”

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