GALLERY l F1 reveals completely redesigned 2022 car set to start new era in the series

Brand new concept expected to result in more competitive grids and better, more entertaining races

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A sample of the 2022 cars was unveiled by F1 in a live stream Thursday (Photo: F1/Twitter)

F1 revealed their completely redesigned 2022 car on a live stream Thursday.

The brand new concept will start a new era in the series that is expected to result in more competitive grids, entertaining races and a more levelled playing field. The new design was shown in both virtual and real environments, with computer-generated graphics and a real-life size model prototype.

Check out a full gallery with 20 images of the new car at the end of this story.

The cars were originally to be introduced for the 2021 season, but the COVID-19 pandemic and its financial consequences triggered a one-year postponement.

Some of the main ideas behind the change are:

  • Developing a car that leaves clean air behind, facilitating others to follow close to try to overtake;
  • Adding more standard parts, to drag costs down and have a bigger percentage of the machinery the same for all teams;

These two points, along with a much tighter budget cap and the introduction of a token system that will allow lower-seeded teams to work on their cars far more than their better-performing counterparts, should help transform F1 into a more competitive and level series.

In the time since the last major set of rule changes, which in part altered the design of the cars in 2014, Mercedes has taken F1 by storm and clinched all seven drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

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The biggest changes seen in the new design include:

  • For the first time in F1 history, cars will feature over-wheel winglets. Wheel covers are also to be reintroduced;
  • Wheels are going from 13-inch rims to 18-inches;
  • Whole set of wings and aerodynamic components look fresh and futuristic;
  • On a non-visual note, the bio-component percentage of the fuel will rise from 5.75% to 10% while keeping the same engines as currently in use; recommends these two videos posted in the official F1 Youtube account after the live stream for a deeper dive into the 2022 cars: Everything You Need To Know About The 2022 F1 Car (5 min) l Ross Brawn Analyses The 2022 Formula 1 Car (2 min).

Check out the full gallery below:

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    A formula 1 sai a frente no mundo dos esportes em termos de futuro mais uma vez. Belos carros futuristas, mudanças reais e adaptaçao aos novos tempos. Penso que ja deu certo. Vamos ver na pista com as novas regras, que visa igualar ou pelo menos diminuiur as diferençcas entre as equipes, tornando-as menos desiguais. O publico agradece. Atualmente vejo o inicio de um tempo com disputas sadias e menos desiguais, dando mais condições de possibilidades a um maior numero de disputantes,
    alias estamos no mundo quântico.

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