Talking points, highlights and more: Drive to Survive season 3 episodes 8 to 10 reviews

The final batch of’s reviews is here, breaking down the final three episodes in the new DTS season

By Yuri Coghe
The third season of Drive to Survive has been available on Netflix since Mar. 19 (Photo: Netflix)

It was good while it lasted.

The wait for the third season of the Netflix hit-docuseries Drive to Survive was finally over on Mar. 19, but now we’re back to waiting again until the next installment is out.‘s final batch of reviews is here, breaking down episodes 8 to 10. If you haven’t yet, read our takes on episodes 1 to 4 and 5 to 7. And for the last time this year, beware: although minor, there are some spoilers below.

Episode 8 – No Regrets

Remember episode 5 and Daniel Ricciardo leaving Renault for McLaren? The announcement came shortly after the news that Carlos Sainz Jr. was headed to Ferrari, and the Spaniard moving to the Italian team and its repercussions are the main of episode 8.

McLaren, as you would expect, devoted more attention to Lando Norris in 2020, as he would remain with the team for the following year, unlike his teammate. The relationship between the two drivers is talked about a lot, as it indeed changed from the bromance seen in 2019, but not as much as the doc would like you to believe.

Sainz Jr.’s scenes with his father, two-time World Rally champion Carlos Sainz, are must-see moments that go beyond family connection, as his dad is a racing legend himself.

The fact that Ferrari had a bad season, unlike McLaren, who finished third on the constructors’ standings and three positions ahead of the Italian team, adds a special flavour to the Spanish driver transfer, and it’s well captured on the episode.

Episode 9 – Man on Fire

Perhaps the most anticipated episode is finally here. Romain Grosjean’s huge crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix and its miraculous ending are the main themes of episode 9, which also focuses on Sergio Perez winning his first F1 race at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix after 193 entries.

Unfortunately, the episode lacks an in-depth look at Williams driver George Russell acting as the replacement for Lewis Hamilton, sidelined due to a positive COVID-19 test, and almost winning the race had Mercedes not messed up not one but two of his stops. That was also a highly-anticipated moment, but in the end, there was no behind-the-scenes footage about it.

Perez’s story about going to Europe at a young age to follow his racing dreams and the feel-good flash-forward to him getting a maiden victory in F1 in his tenth season, then signing for Red Bull, do make up for it, though.

Grosjean taking the audience through the moments in which he was under a ball of fire are top-notch interviewing. Just like when his wife joins him on camera and reacts badly to the driver boasting about being the one who walked out of fire.

However, the episode is polarizing and not everyone will end up liking it.

Even though Grosjean gladly made out of the crash alive and well, the scenes are still tragic and incredibly hard to watch. No matter how many camera angles they had to work with and the editors’ quality to produce a compiling piece, there has to be a limit to it.

To the same point, there was no need to senselessly add a radio sound bite from the driver taken from a whole another moment to when his car starts to head into the wall.

Episode 10 – Down to the Wire

Fans know: there is way more to Formula 1 than whoever is winning.

Even though Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had already clinched the 2020 drivers’ and constructors’ championship, the last race of the season saw a heated battle for third in team’s standings between Racing Point, Renault and McLaren – the theme of the last Drive to Survive episode.

The fact that the fight in the midfield should continue to be tight in 2021, with Ferrari and AlphaTauri also coming for the three aforementioned teams, makes the season finale even better.

The very final segment is focused on Lewis Hamilton and his off-the-track actions in 2020. The seven-time world champion took his influence to another level last year by speaking out against anti-Black racism, police brutality and joining Black Lives Matter protests in the UK. The importance of all of it deserved more screen-time, but I guess we’ll have to wait until there’s such thing as a full documentary about the Briton.

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