Aston Martin reveals Stroll’s 2021 car with special Tom Brady appearance

Canadian-owned team brought in four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel for the new season

By Yuri Coghe
The AMR21 is the first F1 car built by the British manufacturer since 1960 (Photos: Aston Martin/Twitter)

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and Canadian Lance Stroll’s car for the 2021 season has been unveiled by Aston Martin at a digital launch event on Wednesday.

The AMR21 is the first F1 car built by the British manufacturer since the 1960 season. The Canadian-owned team is the rebranded version of Racing Point, as billionaire owner Lawrence Stroll, Lance’s father, acquired shares in the car company last year.

The team, who finished fourth in the 2020 constructors’ championship, aims to finish this season in the top-three.

It was one of the most anticipated car launches this season, due to the historic brand returning to F1, the dramatic change of livery from last year’s pink car and the signing of Vettel, who boasts 53 wins, 57 pole positions and 121 podiums.

The launch confirmed the change from the Racing Point pink to green

“It is a truly iconic car brand and it is a huge privilege to bring Aston Martin back to the pinnacle of motorsport – where it belongs,” said Otmar Szafnauer, Team Principal & CEO.

“Sebastian is someone we can all learn from, and his integration into the team has been very smooth – as you would expect from someone with so much experience.”

The drivers speak

Vettel himself, who seemed like he was in need to start afresh during his last years at Ferrari, was also very excited with the launch.

“Even though I have raced for four Formula One teams and for many years, starting a new season with a new team still gives me a sense of excitement,” said the German driver.

Starting his third season with the team, Stroll celebrated the sense of continuity and the new brand.

“I am at home here and I have built those strong relationships with the team now. All that stuff makes a difference when we are competing for those last fractions of a second. It is a case of knowing exactly what you need and how to work with the team to really optimize performance,” said the Canadian driver.

“The car launch is when everything starts to feel real again, especially this year with our new identity. I see 2021 as a huge opportunity for us to score some great results. We had real momentum at the end of 2020 and I believe we can hit the ground running this year, too.”

Special appearances

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and actor Daniel Craig, who portrays James Bond, made special appearances at the launch event via short videos. The Aston Martin brand has a long relationship with the spy movie series.

Check both moments below.