Pirelli confirms schedule for 2022’s new 18-inch tires tests

Nine teams will take the tires to the track in both dry and wet conditions

By F1total.ca staff

The Italian company has been providing tires to F1 since 2011 (Photo: Pirelli)

Pirelli has announced the full test schedule for the 18-inch tires that will be introduced in the 2022 season.

Nine teams will get the opportunity to take the new equipment to the track on both dry and wet conditions on 10 sessions over 20 days, with Sep. 16 being the last date.

Ferrari started the program in February at Jerez de la Frontera. Williams won’t be involved in the tests.

Pirelli will collect the data gathered to fine-tune the new compounds. The tests initially started in 2019, but since the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back the tire change from 2021 to 2022, no further tests happened last year.

“We have put together a programme that should enable us to pick up solidly from where we left off in 2019 and finalize the specification for a new generation of tires under fresh regulations that will give Formula 1 a very different look next year,” said Mario Isola, Pirelli’s head of F1 and car racing in a statement.

The bigger tires are one of the many changes in regulations for 2022, in an effort to, among other reasons, bring more balance to the grid’s power ranking.

Check the full schedule below.

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